Thursday, December 18, 2008

Well yesterday we went to see Santa at the mall and Reese pitched the biggest tantrum ever because she did not want to sit with Santa. So, of course Ya Ya had an idea. She said, "let's go upstairs get some food and look around and try again." The great thing about Ya Ya is that she is so patient. We went upstairs ate some Wendy's (of course I had Steak Escape) and then off to the Disney Store. Reese found a doll she wanted and we told her that if she went downstairs and sat with Santa then she could get it. Sure enough we went down there waited in line and when it was our turn she ran to Santa and gave him a big hug. Santa asked, "what happened to her." I told him we had feed her and bribed her with a toy. Oh the things we do. However, I think the results were better than great.